LOL: means Laugh Out Loud. It use when you laugh a lot
B4: means before
YM: means Yahoo Messenger.
Pervs: means perverted
ASL: means Age Sex and Location. It used to know anything about the other person, and for starting a conversation
Bcoz: means because
What's new in ur life? It used to starting a conversation too


Jack Sparrow: He is from Bratislava and has 24 years old. He told me that he studied musicology and he like a lot of types of music like rock, pop, r&b. Also he like the photgraphy. In that moment he was studying because he had a lot of exams. Jack was very friendly
Mozart99 : He is from England. I don't know his age. He is a lawer, and he like pop and rock music. When I talked with him, Mozart asked me for a photo but I'm not interested in talk wit him.
Travis_e3: He is a surfer of Australia, he is 26. I'm not talking much with him because he's working in this moment. He only tell me that he had a girlfriend in France.
SussieW18: She's a student of marketing in Ireland. Sussie is a little bit rude, so I'm only ask her to age, sex and location.

The other people that I talk didn't answer.