miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011


My Blackberry rang. It was a text message from Chuck: '' I need you. See you at Starbucks in 20 minutes. C ''. I ran to get dressed, I also needed to see him. When I arrive to the caffe he was already there waiting with two coffees.

+ Hi M! I hope you still like the Capuccino - Said Chuck smiling 
- Hi... yeah, you know me very well
We have long been separated and I miss you.What's happen into you?
- Nothing... Just I feel that you change
+ Why? I don't know, I feeling like always. But, I'm going to tell something... I'm in love with a girl, Clair.
- Oh.... that's good! Is she a good girl? - said Ninna
+ Yes, but... she's a little bit a big-head
- Chuck, you deserve a good girl. But, I'm happy! - lied Ninna
+ Thanks Ninna. It's very important for me because you are my best friend, like my sister!

When Chuck said this, I tought that there is the end. He is my perfect boy, Since 2007 I'm in love...



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