martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

I was not focused. Tomorrow I will have an History's exam but I only tought of Chuck. Chuck and Clair. I should be happy but I was angry. We were always C and N and now there were C and C. I don't understand how it happened. My Blackberry rang. There's a sms from Chuck: '' I hate History ''. I laughed. He continued as usual.- '' I hate you and I hate Napoleon! ;) '' - My mobile rang with my favourite song, With me:

- Hi! Nini! Look out the window! - he cried
+ WHAT?!?! - I looked out the window and saw him sitting on a bench with the History's book.

+Chuck Bass... YOU ARE INCREBILE! - I cried from my window
-Come on! - said C smiling

Things like that was why I was in love...

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